Restorative Justice in
Abbotsford began in 2001

Accredited Volunteers

Over the years ARJAA has had the great pleasure of working with hundred's of highly skilled and trained volunteers. Our training process consists of more than 56 hours of training which include both lecture style and role-play experience.

This combination helps solidify the concepts and skills taught during the training.  At the end of our training, volunteers are assessed and receive accreditation for the Victim-Offender Conferencing Certificate through Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives, an organization in the Lower Mainland which is seen as one of the national leaders in Restorative Justice and Training.

Currently we are working with 29 accredited volunteers with 14 new volunteers who just went through the training process in 2014. ARJAA is deeply grateful to our of our volunteers who give their time, skill and expertise to help make Abbotsford one of the Safest Cities in the BC.