Restorative Justice in
Abbotsford began in 2001


66. This part applies only where the Association is required or has resolved to have an  auditor. In all matters pertaining to the Auditor, the Association will act according to the guidelines set out in the Society Act.

67. The first auditor shall be appointed by the Directors, who shall also fill all vacancies occurring in the office of auditor.

68.  At each annual general meeting the Association shall appoint an auditor to hold office until he is re-elected or his successor is elected at the next annual general meeting.

69. An auditor may be removed by ordinary resolution.

70. An auditor shall be promptly informed in writing of appointment or removal.

71. No Director and no employee of the Association shall be audited.

72. The auditor is entitled to attend a general meeting of the Association and to receive every notice and other communication relating to the meeting that a member is entitled to receive.

73. The Auditor of the Association is entitled to be heard, at a general meeting that the  auditor attends, on any part of the business of the meeting that concerns him as  auditor or that concerns the financial statement of the Association.