Restorative Justice in
Abbotsford began in 2001


In the Justice System it is now being broadly recognized that positive and sustainable changes to crime and criminal behavior can only be achieved through a process of “crime prevention through social development.”

The concept of crime prevention through social development refers to the ability of a community to build core capacities that challenge the root causes of crime and criminal behavior. Restorative Justice is this kind of social development program.

Restorative Justice facilitates and teaches a process of conflict resolution that requires accountability and repair of harm by the offender, and also provides resolution and closure for the victim.

For young offenders and first-time offenders, there is a process of accountability and learning. This learning can create the personal growth and value-based understanding to achieve more positive decision making in their future. A young person who has learned to make better decisions is less likely to re-offend.

For the victims of crime, Restorative Justice provides a proactive opportunity to participate in a process where the offender is held accountable and resolution for harm done is achieved. From the Restorative Justice process, many victims achieve a sense of closure. Their feelings of victimization and their fear of crime are reduced.