Restorative Justice in
Abbotsford began in 2001


ARJAA’s Board of Directors are volunteers from a broad and diverse range of community stakeholders who are committed and dedicated to the advancement and work of Abbotsford Restorative Justice.

These community representatives are elected society members that come from the general community and various organizations that bring differing perspectives to help ensure that the organization remains balanced in its approach to the needs of victims, offenders and the community in relation to the justice system. They also bring leadership, commitment, expertise, and the various skills needed for the governance and general leadership of the organization.

According to our Constitution, Board Directors shall be nominated from the following primary stakeholders:

  • A member of the Abbotsford City Council or an alternate designated by the Council
  • A member of the Abbotsford Police Department or an alternate designated by the Abbotsford Police Department
  • A member of the Abbotsford Board of School Trustees of School District #34 or an alternate designated by the School Board
  • A member of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce
  • A members of the Abbotsford Police Victim Services Unit or an elected victim advocate

The remaining possible 10 positions may be nominated to the Board of Directors for consideration from ARJAA volunteers, society members or the community at large.

ARJAA is particularly interested in people who either represent or have skills and/or experience in the areas of:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources or Small Business Management
  • Lawyer or Crown Counsel
  • Media, Public Awareness and Marketing
  • Grant Writing and Research
  • Post-Secondary Education - in Criminology and Conflict Resolution
  • Corrections, Youth Probation or MCFD
  • Abbotsford Ministerial Association or Chaplain
  • Youth Serving Professionals
  • Aboriginal Groups or Representatives
  • Cultural, Ethnic and Advocacy Groups Reflecting the Diversity of our Community

This highlighted areas of possible Board composition may vary from year to year based upon the needs of the organization as well as existing board members and their associated skills and expertise.

If you are interested in participating at a Board level you must:

  • Submit an application to the ARJAA Board of Directors or designated nominating committee
  • Receive enhanced security clearance through the Abbotsford Police Department
  • Be willing to give approximately 5 hours per month dedicated to Board work for a 2 year term
  • Apply, meet and maintain the criteria for being an ARJAA Society Member
  • Be available for the 3rd Wednesday of every Month from 12:00-1:30 for Board Meetings
  • Be willing to consider participating in 1 Board standing committee or Ad-hoc committee
  • Be 19 years of age or older

Board members support the mission, vision and values of ARJAA, have skills/abilities that advance the organization, and are prepared to report any personal negative contact with police that would compromise their standing with the organization.

Due to our close working relationship with the police, potential Board members must be pre-screened by the ARJAA Board of Directors and/or the Nominating Committee before they will be considered for election to the Board of Directors.

For more information or to apply email